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Our Services

Daily prices

We gather trade, bid, and offer data throughout the day from companies active in the global almond & walnut truck & container markets to give our customers an enhanced, real-time view of market activity.

Weekly price assessments

Using the daily price data we gather from market participants, we provide weekly price assessments for dozens inshell and kernel items for almonds and walnuts.

Market news & analysis

We report and write exclusive news and analysis to explain why prices are moving the way they are and to help our customers stay up-to-date on important market developments.

Data Platform

We’ve built a best-in-class content and data platform that our customers use to view and download our proprietary price data, news & analysis, and other market data.


Application Programming Interface with our platform

How we can help you

Almond & walnut market prices are changing daily. We help companies track prices to make more informed transactions – reducing their risk of selling or buying at the wrong price. Companies use our service to discover price values, negotiate contracts, manage price risk, and stay updated on important market developments, giving them a competitive edge. 

About Stratamarkets

We’re an independent, global commodity data firm with decades of experience in commodity markets. We don’t buy or sell almonds or walnuts. We’re focused on one thing: Providing our customers with accurate, impartial price data and market intelligence. Launched in 2021, Stratamarkets is on track to becoming the global price benchmark for the global almond & walnut markets, with dozens of clients in 12 countries and 5 continents. If you’re not a customer, your competitors probably are.

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